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Welcome to the ClickStop Holiday Sales Site, we are offering several types of garments and accessories branded for each department, from t-shirts, hoodies and outerwear we are sure to have you covered.

We know its been a long time since company apparel has been offered so please take advantage while you can. 

We will keep this site open for 2 weeks then we will go to production after the site closes. We will then go to production and deliver the orders to ClickStop!

Items are great for yourself or makes a great gift for family and friends, show your pride with these amazing items!

*All orders are to be placed choosing the ClickStop Payroll Deduction option, you will see that directly below the Credit Card Option, please make sure you click that as the payment option per ClickStop's request. 

*All garments will be custom screen printed or embroidered to look great and are locally Union Printed at Atomic Imprint in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

 *Some items may be swapped out with a similar item if not available at the time of ordering blanks.